Resignation from Editor in Chief

15 Mar 2019 07:50 #335676 by Arisaig
After how I was treated yesterday, by multiple 'leading' bodies of this organisation, I do not feel it worth my efforts to produce anything for them. Yes, I just took up this position. Yes, I was excited about what it meant, what I could do, what I could bring forward in the community.

But, apparently, a desire to serve and better this community is met only with hostility, attacks, traps, and pettiness.

As of now, I resign my position of Editor in Chief, leaving it vacant. Any and all applications for this position should be directed to JLSpinner and/or Rosalyn J.

Thank you for this opportunity, you have only to thank certain councillors for grinding that willingness into the dirt. I'm sticking to my own, training those that want to be trained, and training myself for the foreseeable future.

May the Force continue to guide you.

Sword of the Jedi
Knight of the Temple of the Jedi Order
The Fulcrum Knight of the Order of Onyx
Jedi Battlemaster

~ IP I AP I DQS I Knight I Personal ~
Training Master: Zenchi
Apprentice: Open for Application
The following user(s) said Thank You: Zenchi

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